Quokka is a software tool for connecting Microsoft Kinect with Grasshopper in Rhino.  Quokka gives the ability to use the Kinect as a 3D scanner. This will help architects, designers, engineers, students and anyone who is interested in working in Rhino to parametrically manipulate physical data.


Please refer to the Quokka page at Food4Rhino for news and latest downloads.

Real time design feedback using Quokka

Paper at CAADRIA 2013

Paper at CAADRIA 2013

#CAADRIA 2013: Quokka: programming for real time digital design platform

Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA 2013) / Singapore 15-18 May 2013, pp. 261-270

Quokka v0.3 beta released

Quokka v0.3b has been released and is available on the download page. The major changes are:

  • Options have been split out to individual display and trim option components.
  • Compiled against Kinect for Windows SDK v1.8, the most recent version.
  • Added colour information output for point data which may be used, for example, in Custom Preview or Giulio Piacentino’s bakeAttributes components.

Quokka in Colour

Quokka will support coloured points in a version to be released later this year.

Quokka Example

Quokka v0.1 beta released

Quokka v0.1 beta released.


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