Quokka is an add-on that allows use of the Microsoft Kinect in Grasshopper for Rhino. It provides both depth point cloud data and player skeleton data.

Quokka is written by Geoff Kimm and Suleiman Alhadidi, and arose as part of a wider research project led by Dr. AnnMarie Brennan of the Faculty of Architecture, Building, and Planning at the University of Melbourne. It is copyright of the University of Melbourne, and is available only for personal use.

Quokka is currently in development and its functionality is very likely to change in coming releases.

If you have done anything interesting with Quokka, we would like to see it and include it on this website. Please feel free to send us comments, videos, images and/or any useful information to quokkalab@gmail.com.

About AnnMarie, Geoff and Suleiman

AnnMarie Brennan is a Lecturer of Design Theory in the Faculty of Architecture, Building, and Planning. She teaches architectural theory as well as studio design subjects. Her research focuses on the history and theory of 20th and 21st century design and architecture. Specific research interests include, but are not limited to: Architectural utopian studies, branding, the political economy of design, the study of surface, machine culture, Italian machines, reverse engineering, media studies, material culture, the history of labor, business and management, history of technology, the history of systems, design journals, open works, conspiracy theories, publicity, total design, and visual communication in architecture, especially the use of perspective.

Ms. Brennan has received her professional architectural degree from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. (B.A.1993, B.Arch 1994) and continued her graduate education at Yale University School of Architecture with a Masters of Environmental Design (M.E.D. 2001). At Princeton University she earned a Master of Art in 2003 and her Ph.D. in 2011. She is currently transforming her dissertation on the industrial utopia of the typewriter businessman Adriano Olivetti into a book manuscript for publication.

Some of Ms. Brennan’s publications include the Yale School of Architecture journal Perspecta 32: Resurfacing Modernism (MIT Press), co-editor with Brendan Moran and the book Cold War Hothouses: from Cockpit to Playboy (Princeton Architectural Press), co-editor with Beatriz Colomina and Jeannie Kim. In addition she has organized many exhibitions on architects and architectural culture such as: “The Reluctant Master. A symposium to honor the life and work of Romaldo Giurgola“ at the University of Melbourne, “Anna Castelli Ferrieri, Architecture and Design,” at the Chicago Anthenaeum, “Celebrating an Idea: Fifty Years of Perspecta,” at the Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University, and “Kaufland: Retail Space in the Former Eastern Germany” at the Yale School of Architecture. She has previously taught at Yale University, Princeton University, and the Pratt Institute.

Geoff Kimm is a software developer and a postgraduate architecture student at the University of Melbourne. Email: geoff.quokkalab@gmail.com.

Suleiman Alhadidi is an architect, artist, and researcher. He is currently working as a Computational Design Consultant at HASSELL, Melbourne and teaching at RMIT University.  He founded “Mutation Studio” in 2008; a studio dedicated to architectural design experiments.

Suleiman worked previously with Coop Himmelblau in Vienna, Austria, before which he worked with Laceco international. He has practiced architecture in Europe and the Middle East. His work has been awarded, exhibited and published in Italy, Portugal, France, Jordan, China, and the UK. His current research interests include architecture design stratigies, digital architecture, BIM technologies, and deployable complex kit-of-parts, interactive environments, and new fabrication technologies.

Suleiman holds MArch degree from the University of Melbourne (first class honors) and B. Sc. of Architecture Engineering from the University of Jordan (top rank). His main expertise lies in architecture design, design computation, structure engineering, urban/landscape design, Art and Digital art.



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